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New waterfront park on the banks of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin

Date: 12月 04, 2023
Category: New Projects
Acton Waterfront Park View02 Amended

Last week signified another milestone for the new waterfront park on the banks of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin, as the site was gifted a new name— Ngamawari —by local Ngunnawal representatives at a special smoking ceremony.

Acton Waterfront Park View03 7 dull fire

Ngamawari originates from the Ngunnawal language meaning ‘cave place’ and pays tribute to the caves that once existed along the Molonglo River before they were flooded for the creation of the lake.

ASPECT Studios is leading the team to design the park, which aims to activate the area and create an inclusive place for all residents of Canberra.

Acton Waterfront Park View01 Amended

Significantly, the park will pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions of the Ngunnawal people, with a Country-centred design.

The project is also a key component of the National Capital Plan to renew the waterfront precinct. Developed in close consultation with the community, the City Renewal Authority has encouraged the public to engage via a public consultation process.

IMG 7892

We look forward to seeing this project develop.

Thanks to all our collaborators including:

Yerrabingin Pty Ltd, Bridge42, Stewart Architecture, Spiire, ACOR Consultants Pty Ltd, Eric Martin & Associates Architects, Cundall, SCT Consulting, Veris, Phillip Chun, Purdon Planning, WSP, Formswell Design, MSH Structural Engineering, Douglas Partners, Park Management Systems, Visabel, SDC Engineering Pty Ltd, MBM, B.M.S Forestry, Elumni Consulting.

Renders by Mark Gerada.