We are designers, landscape architects and urbanists connected by our purpose – to deliver
projects which challenge and delight whilst enhancing the lives of people and natural
systems in an enduring way.


We are influential, city-shaping leaders, recognised globally for what we design and how we
think. Our design process reveals the essential qualities of place, the landscape, its history,
social rituals and cultural significance. We champion creative solutions that challenge the
way people interact with place.


Through design, we resolve complex contemporary challenges and craft places of meaning
and delight. We challenge a business-as-usual approach and anticipate emerging culture,
allowing our diverse projects to stand out.


We use design to advocate for approaches that promote a symbiotic relationship between
the human and natural environments. We believe in the deep connectedness of all living
things. We are for life – enhanced public life, the life of natural systems in the city.


We are for interaction – with our clients, collaborators and within our studios. Our 160 people
across six studios are united in responding to the possibilities of place by interweaving
conceptual ideas with digital technologies, systems and practices. We draw on our global
team’s thinking, to locally deliver site responsive, generous places where people want to be.