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Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System Scope
The ASPECT Studios Pty Ltd Integrated Management System (IMS) encompasses all the activities involved in delivering design outcomes for our clients as described below:
“ASPECT Studios is a design consultancy delivering Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Wayfinding, Signage and Digital Design Services within Australia”
ASPECT Studios has developed policy statements for Quality, Work Health and Safety and Environment that reflect our commitment to continually improving management of all three areas within the IMS.
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Quality Policy and Objectives
ASPECT Studios ongoing success is dependent upon the producing design excellence for our clients. We are committed to using design to advocate for approaches that promote a symbiotic relationship between the human and natural environments.

Integral to our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations is the ability of our employees to learn and share knowledge across the business. This will be achieved through the interaction between our studios, clients and collaborators. We will use collaboration and reporting we continual improve to deliver the best design outcomes.

ASPECT Studios commits to ensuring that the resources are available to our team to perform for the business and grow their careers.

To support the attainment of these quality goals ASPECT Studios will ensure the following characteristics:
• Alignment and certification to ISO 9001:2015.
• Promote understanding clients’, together with a culture of exceeding client expectations.
• Monitoring our performance through metrics to continually improve our processes and services.
• The Chief Technical Officer will be the Management Representative for the IMS.
• The Quality Management System Policy will be communicated to all interested parties and made available on the company "ALL ASPECT Studios\IMS_Quality_Environment_WHS” Teams channel and website.

ASPECT Studios has established objectives through an annual planning and review process. Within these business objectives, we have set our objectives for quality:
• Deliver design excellence.
• Clearly articulate client requirements.
• Enhance client experience through improved understanding through research on design outcomes, client experience and level of innovation.
• Provide services to meet client requirements and achieve conforming service and product.
• Develop Business Continuity Plan by 01 December 2023.
• Develop an approach and monitor Project Performance to improve project quality by 01 December 2022.
• Develop and implement training for commercial confidence (project management, financial management) by 1 December 2022.
• Provide training to management staff in relation to Contract Management.
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Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy and Objectives
ASPECT Studios has as a core business goal of providing a safe and healthy working environment through a robust Work Health and Safety Management System. We have established strategic health and safety objectives:
• Prevent health and safety impacts from our work.
• Realise that no work task is so important that the risk of injury to our people is acceptable.
• That our effective WHS management will translate into superior operational and commercial performance.
• We all have a responsibility for achieving a healthy and safe working environment.
• Develop an approach for Psychosocial Hazards by 1 December 2022.
• Develop Flexible Working Policy by 1 December 2022.

ASPECT Studios recognises our responsibility for the safety and welfare of our people. We are committed to delivering and achieving these objectives. It is important that we as a team understand our mutual obligations and responsibilities. This means that we make the commitment to:
• Providing a safe and healthy workplace and working conditions for our fellow employees and clients.
• We will provide support and assistance to all our employees.
• We will provide ongoing training to ensure that our team can work safely.
• Each of us will assume personal responsibility for our own safety and our work colleagues by always operating in a safe and appropriate manner.
• We will consult with our employees so that we can take steps to continually improve the effectiveness of our management systems and procedures.
• We shall comply with all relevant WHS legislation and regulations as well as jurisdictional.
Codes of Practice and Guidance on specific work activities.
ASPECT Studios commits to the following objectives and measurable health and safety ‘stretch’ targets:
• Aspire to have no loss time incidents (LTI’s) each year.
• To have no Medical Treatment Incidents (MTI’s) each year.
• To conduct WHS audits of the entire system every year.
• Conduct WHS related consultation with our employees every 6 months.
• To retain certification to ISO 45001:2018 Certification.
• Develop a Workplace Relations Management Plan (WRMP).
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Environment Policy and Objectives
ASPECT Studios as a core business goal to prevent environmental damage through a robust Environment Management System. We have established environmental objectives:
• Prevent pollution.
• We realise that no work task is so important that it causes significant damage to the environment.
• To ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our EMS, we will commit to continually improve our procedures and processes.
• We shall comply with all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulations.
• We are committed to assessing the lifecycle impacts of our purchases and ensure our clients are advised of the lifecycle impacts of design and materials selection.

We are committed to delivering and achieving these objectives whilst respecting the community, our clients and the environment. It is important that we as a team understand our mutual obligations and responsibilities.

ASPECT Studios commits to the following objectives and measurable environmental ‘stretch’ targets:
• No reportable incidents.
• Retain certification to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.
• Minimise our collective impacts on the environment.
• Prevent incidents of environmental pollution occurring because of our commercial operations.
• Conduct suitable employees training as required.
• Offset 50% of CO2 generated by Electricity in 2021
• Offset all CO2 generated by Air Travel as reported by Corporate Traveler (every July)
• Develop a checklist or guide for project sustainability.
Ivan Ross, CEO