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Cleland Wildlife Park Nature Play Workshop

Date: Dec 21, 2021
Category: Studio news
ASPECT INSIGHTS Cleland Wildlife Nature Play Workshop 01 HERO
Cleland Wildlife Park is one of South Australia’s top nature based visitor experiences located only 20 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD.

We have been busy designing a new nature playspace, entry plaza and koala holding facilities alongside improved wayfinding and interpretive signage with design partners, Troppo Architects.

Nature play provides an innate connection with the environment and natural systems around us and helps to form a special link with the earth, seasons, climate, plants and animals.

We led an outdoor play workshop with Adelaide Hills school children and local community members to gain insights into how we could interpret the park’s much loved wildlife experiences into the design, creating a unique environment with a strong sense of identity.

The concept design for the playspace weaves the children’s play aspirations alongside stories of animal and environmental conservation to provide a place that fosters learning through play.

ASPECT INSIGHTS Cleland Wildlife Nature Play Workshop 02