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One Darling Island

Date: Jun 12, 2023
Category: Completed projects
ASPECT Studios News One Darling Island2
It's been rewarding to see how many people are making use of the new urban plaza at the forecourt of Google’s headquarters at One Darling Island in Sydney.

In 2019, Mirvac ran a design ideas competition to produce the most creative, comfortable, and engaging place for the public and building tenants. ASPECT Studios’ winning design idea was born from the desire to create a nature-based experience that draws people into the space and playfully reconnects the space to the harbour - which sits a mere 20 metres away.

Visually distinctive and welcoming, this forecourt was created using a series of circular seating, lounging, and meeting areas for visitors to relax, play, work and socialise.

ASPECT Studios News One Darling Island3

The forecourt is designed with sustainability and innovation in mind. Its recycled plastic tabletops and, radial brick and sandstone structures are complemented by bursts of richly textured, beautiful grasses, shrubs, and trees. These materials combine to create a cohesive layered approach that is both functional and balanced.

We look forward to seeing the space evolve over time and create more memorable moments for the community.

Thank you to our collaborators Mirvac, Google, FDC Group, Yerrabingin.

Photos courtesy Florian Groehn

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