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Shanghai Landscape Forum: The Future of Landscape

Date: Dec 20, 2021
Category: Events and exhibitions
ASPECT INSIGHTS 8th Landscape Forum Shanghai 01 HERO

The 8th Shanghai Landscape Forum was held on the afternoon of December 4th, 2021. We are extremely proud of Derek Chen from our Shanghai Studio for delivering such an interesting and informative speech on the topic ‘landscape and social media’ at the 8th Annual Shanghai Landscape Forum.

The event presents the opportunity for influential landscape architects to provide insights and drive social and environmental change among our industry. This years forum covered several themes relating to future landscape, sustainability, and nature based solutions for design.

ASPECT INSIGHTS 8th Landscape Forum Shanghai 03

Chen discussed how the desire for internet traffic on social media has changed the business model and has a profound impact on the offline landscape design industry. More and more designers are required to pay attention to the internet and media exposure for real-estate demonstration areas and commercial developments, and to elevate IP in a highly competitive market.

He called on the industry to focus on long-term sustainability of landscape, to discourage the short-term economic profits at the expense of long-term space creation and experience. He reminded us to improve the ecological environment, explore site culture, and strive for outcomes that foster people-oriented landscapes for longer lasting value to communities.

We were delighted to be involved in the forum again this year alongside SWA, SOM, Sasaki, Hassel, AECOM, and Atkins.