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Woodbury Park

Date: Jun 07, 2022
Category: New projects
ASPECT News Woodbury Park
Our Brisbane studio is working with Fiteni, Fleetwood Urban and Lambert and Rehbein on Woodbury Park which is part of a new Redlands community development. It will see an adaptation of already treasured open spaces of the area with the creation of new recreational opportunities.

A meaningful aspect of the Woodbury Park project is the use of salvaged timber from the original site. Through careful site planning of the parkland, we have managed to save a significant quantity of the trees that were sadly destined to be knocked down, as well as repurposed and reclaimed other nearby timbers to be used throughout elements of the new playground.

We really want to honor the character of Woodbury, so are looking to the natural patterns and beautiful textures of the tree trunks for inspiration and incorporating this into our design.

ASPECT News Woodbury Park03

The new Woodbury park is inspired both by nature and by the community. It’s a place that celebrates those things that are valued most by local people. The award-winning engagement program brought together the development industry, designers and the community, with a special focus on youth engagement to help develop the shared vision for the space. It has been instrumental in the development of the design approach for the park.

The level of enthusiasm and passion from the community and stakeholders from the start makes us believe that this project will be a true asset to the Redlands district. We can’t wait to share more with you.