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Zhenzhen Chu

Zhenzhen is an Associate at ASPECT Studios in Melbourne. An experienced and capable designer, she uses a keen eye for understanding landscape and urban contexts to create places that thrive. Her passion for design and ambition for a positive outcome allows Zhenzhen to maximise the fundamental opportunities that landscape architecture presents.

Her portfolio spans a wide spectrum of projects, including public realms, greenfield developments, "blue-green" infrastructure initiatives, commercial and hospitality ventures, urban regeneration, education, and residential designs. This diversity underscores her ability to excel in various contexts and her capacity to bring creative solutions to different challenges.

Her extensive background encompasses every facet of project development, from conception and design to construction. Her proficiency in project management and involvement in the co-design process highlights her collaborative approach and the ability to engage stakeholders effectively.

Zhenzhen’s diverse experience, collaborative spirit, and leadership qualities position her as a key contributor to Melbourne studio's success and the broader field of landscape architecture.
Phone: +61 3 9417 6844
Level 4 / 160 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Local Time: