Angel Place and Ash Street are two of the priority upgrade projects which form part of the City of Sydney’s Laneway Revitalisation Strategy, a scheme designed to reactivate a number of Sydney’s historically significant laneways.

Angel Place and Ash Street have been transformed into an uplifting public realm places which integrate public art and interpretation into the project design.

The revitalisations priorities the pedestrian experience by upgrading streetscapes, extending kerbs at both the George and Pitt Street entries to Angel Place and upgraded street lighting. Particular emphasis has been placed on revealing the Tank Stream, with a rhythmic combination of paving and steel inlays highlighting its location. The public art installation, ‘Forgotten Songs’ by Michael Hill, Dr Richard Major, Richard Wong and David Towey, has been integrated within the public domain works of Angel Place, adding depth to the site’s historical interpretation and strengthening the visual cues from George Street that a wider connection exists.

A hidden gem in the hustle and bustle

The restrained palette of materials includes a fine grain of paving which emphasises their new life as shareways. The site specific design and limited vehicular access help create a central raised threshold which encourage small retail shop fronts and tenancies to develop and open up to the laneway. The upgrades immediately provide a safer and more engaging daily pedestrian experience, recognise and interpret the historic significance of the sites’ development and create a beautiful canvas on which the life of the laneway can evolve, contributing to Sydney’s character as a vibrant, cultural and well-connected, pedestrianised city.

City of Sydney Council


Master plan, development application, tender documentation, construction services


Angel Place and Ash Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia


ASPECT Studios – lead consultant, McGregor Westlake Architecture, Olsson Associates, Michael Hill


2008 – 2011