ASPECT Studios 3D Viewer – interactive virtual reality product, ideal for commercial and residential development projects, spatial prototyping and strategic planning of activity centres. The ASPECT Studios 3D Viewer allows you to quickly accomplish:

  1. Visual impact mapping
  2. Visual assessment of development applications and major infrastructure projects
  3. Accurate simulation of overshadowing issues
  4. Visual engagement in community and stakeholder collaboration
  5. Desktop site visits
  6. Import 3D models
  7. Import GIS data
  8. Capture images and video for marketing and reports.

Download our Interactive Media brochure, click here.

The Digital Studio has developed virtual reality computer simulation and modelling software that provides the ability to clearly communicate complex information dynamically. This enables stakeholders to experience the design process in an immersive 3D environment. Our clients have found it an invaluable tool when communicating and educating the community and other stakeholders.