A courtyard within a station

In Eduardo’s Words; Flinders Street Station has become an obstacle in a city that has grown up around it at an alarming pace. Our proposal seeks to tap into the potential that this central site has to provide the missing link between some of the city’s most-cherished landmarks, whilst adding a new feature of value to the urban landscape of Melbourne.

The development of an urban park above the railway roof transforms the station into a highly accessible and usable public space that enhances both the everyday commuter and the visitor’s experience of Melbourne and contributes to its status as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Eduardo Velasquez + Manuel Pineda + Santiago Medina (Colombia via University of Melbourne)




Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


ASPECT Studios (visualisation and animations), Eduardo Velasquez + Manuel Pineda + Santiago Medina, Six Degrees, Thomson Adsett, AECOM, Aurecon, Watpac.



The Flinders Street Design competition was one of the highest profile competitions in 2013. ASPECT Digital was invited to assist Eduardo Velasquez + Manuel Pineda + Santiago Medina, to generate a stylised animation and visualisations, to represent their shortlisted competition entry.

The animation showcases a series of key views that were joined together by a stylised camera fly though. In the end it was a fantastic piece that really captured the message put forward by the design.

The entry was titled ‘A Courtyard within a Station’. It is an urban vision that respectfully embraces the site heritage whilst meeting the demands of a modern train station. It is a project for the people where a new urban forest will become the true heart of Melbourne.