Turning a shopping centre into a community hub

The overlapping programs creates new connections between groups in the community. Children are now running, hiding, following and jumping right next to a group of youths just hanging out and being cool.

The pop up park is a demonstration of how these spaces can be reconfigured to become much more. This is strategic urbanism, a project driven from Centre Management. Designed well and to last, longer than initially planned.


Photography: Andrew Lloyd

The GPT Group


Concept Design, Documentation


Highpoint Shopping Centre – Maribyrnong, VIC


ASPECT Studios



Shopping centres aren’t only for shopping, but more and more they are becoming community hubs. Highpoint Pop Up Park offers new ways of talking, sitting, watching and playing. Located at one of the busiest entry to the centre, the degraded public plaza had offered very little to visitors.

The small plaza; with its cracked insitu concrete, stains from food, drinks and cigarettes and lack of seating contributed very little other than a walkway into the centre. The pop up park was designed to be quickly and cheaply installed with easily accessible materials such as form ply and a standard stud wall framing system. In addition, the seating elements, with their laminate fixings and colours, contribute to a unique identity for the space.

There are new custom raised platforms with soft synthetic turf framed by custom seating details. These seating elements or sloped terraces face a central and safe play space with moveable play objects. The whole design is integrated seamlessly with current site functions.