The new heart of Wodonga

These spaces are linked and follow the alignment of the former railway line;

The ‘Green Square’ is an open, shady, informal park for locals and visitors to relax in the centre of the Junction Place development.

The ‘Promenade’ follows the former railway line and creates a new east-west pedestrian link between the historic Station Building to the South, Goods Shed to the North, ‘Urban Square’ to the East, and ‘Green Square’ to the West.

The ‘Urban Square’ is the new central meeting place and connects with Wodonga’s existing Central Business Area and High Street’s established commercial and retail precinct.

Junction Place is the creation of a new part of central Wodonga. Visioned to be a new “heart” in central Wodonga, the former Wodonga Rail Station delivers quality public spaces along with a mix of uses including retail, entertainment, commercial and residential developments.

ASPECT Studios was engaged by Places Victoria and the City of Wodonga to provide landscape design services for the three key public spaces as well as the surrounding street network. Junction Place has three main public spaces. Together they create a new public network for central Wodonga that complement the current open spaces throughout the city centre.

Places Victoria and City of Wodonga


Concept Design, Development Application, Tender Documentation, Construction Administration. Documentation of the Urban Square undertaken by City of Wodonga.


Junction Place, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia


ASPECT Studios, City of Wodonga




Andrew Lloyd, Matt Fleet & Trevor Ierinos