Our experience of living architecture projects in Australia and the research we have undertaken on projects overseas has led to the development of our integrated project delivery approach. We have delivered both small and major living architecture projects working with a diverse group of industry professionals throughout Australia.


This approach is based on the methodology of a collaborative effort between client, building owner, developer, design consultants, and contractors as well as operations and maintenance personnel. All of these stakeholders need an appreciation of the requirements for this specialised landscape type.


ASPECT Studios living architecture practice brings industry leading expertise in green roofs, walls and facades. ASPECT Studios has developed a significant folio of living architecture projects from the largest and most advanced (the green roof on the Victorian Desalination Project and the green façades of One Central Park) to a range of social roof top spaces and roof gardens. We have also undertaken research and design development of green walls and facades.

Members of our Melbourne and Sydney teams are working with the City of Sydney Council and inner city councils of Melbourne on the feasibility and governance of multiple potential green roofs, wall and facade projects, as well as designing a number of rooftop spaces across Australia.


ASPECT Studios Living Architecture services includes project planning, project design, project management and project execution. We provide the integration between engineering and architectural elements, and take a collaborative, problem solving approach, working with industry and trade partners to reduce cost, encourage innovation -and keep the project timeframe on track.

If you are considering adopting a Living Architecture strategy or would like additional information on ASPECT’s living architecture projects and capability, please complete the online form. Once completed, we will forward a Living Architecture Little Green Book and one of our Living Architecture Senior Consultants will contact you.

Key benefits of living architecture include:

  • Contribution to human wellbeing through the provision of green space
  • Improvement in the thermal performance of buildings
  • Regulation of the urban heat island effect on the wider city
  • Regulation of storm water impacts on both buildings and the surrounding environment
  • Integration of water recycling and usage in buildings
  • Contribution to biodiversity values in cities
  • Clear statements of commitment to sustainable design
  • Increased property values and improved amenity
  • Achieving environmental ‘stretch targets’ such as ‘net zero water, energy, waste

ASPECT Studios understands that the key to a successful implementation and widespread up take of living architecture is brought about through the collaboration of a diverse group of professionals, from landscape architects, engineers, policy makers, architects, ecologists, and soil scientist and horticulturists.

ASPECT Studios is leading the way in the emerging area of Living Architecture in Australia. Put simply, “Living Architecture” is the integration of plants and water with built form. It includes green roofs, green facades, and green walls. Living architecture has risen in popularity in both Europe and North America, and is now being recognised in Australia as a critical concept in responding to climate change and the increased demand of water and energy in our cities. ASPECT Studios is at the forefront of this movement in Australia. Our command of the technical requirements and systems suited to Australia, combined with our design expertise strength is helping to lead the integration of greening and architecture. ASPECT Studios vision is of a city where natural processes are integrated into the very fabric of the urban environment – where plants, water, soil and built form are as one – and together these elements promote a healthy community and resilient environment – a ‘Living Architecture!’

To receive your free copy of ASPECT Studios’ Living Architecture Little Green Book, please fill in the form with your name and email address below. The book, which outlines our vision of  Living Architecture will be emailed directly to you.