The identity laid the foundation for the creation of a signage family, furniture and shelters that are iconically ‘branded’. At the heart of the system is the use of a common colour and characteristic form to clearly sign and signify the route for users.

Our services covered:

  • route and connectivity analysis
  • identity development
  • signage family design
  • design and documentation of trail furniture and rest shelters
  • implementation of strategy

The M80 Trail is a significant connective path network proposed to complement the $2.25 billion Ring Road Upgrade.

ASPECT Studios and Studio Binocular have delivered an identity and wayfinding strategy to be rolled-out across the entire network. Covering 38km, the trail traverses major roads, rail and waterways. The necessity for a clear and legible system of navigation was paramount to meet the challenges of an, at times, disjointed and circuitous route.



Master Planning, Concept Design, Design Development, Documentation


Princes Freeway at Laverton North to the Greensborough Highway at Greensborough, Victoria, Australia


ASPECT Studios, Studio Binocular, FORM Structures