Drawing the existing bluestone paving seamlessly in

Within this laneway emerges an island – two linked raised planters surrounded with informal hardwood timber seating edges – defining circulation patterns and providing an area of respite. Within the planters, native Waterhousea species, proven performers in narrow north south laneways within the CBD, provide a canopy to the base of low planting. These planters are positioned to maximise access to existing set-down areas within the podium slab whilst defining pedestrian and service vehicle circulation.


Photographer: Andrew Lloyd

This design draws the existing bluestone paving seamlessly in from both adjoining streets – the traditional treatment of Melbourne laneways and infuses it with the reference to the architectural expression of the façade – the frit. This is articulated through a series of staccato bands of granite that contrasts with the bluestone to add variety and texture.

Brookfield Multiplex


Town Planning, Concept, Construction, Documentation


Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


WoodsBagot, Vision Design, ASPECT Studios