A man-made lake surrounded by wetlands and forest

The urban planning and landscape conceptual master plan is based upon the following principles:

  1. Strengthen the existing city master plan
  2. Create a vibrant and publically accessible waterfront
  3. Strengthen the city axis
  4. Provide a consistent and recognisable image
  5. Promote social equality
  6. Create economic opportunities

Entirely manmade, this lake is to be surrounded by a proposed population of 348,000 people. Generous wetlands and forest park at the water inlet maximise the opportunity to improve the water quality entering from the Yellow River. The green streets of the surrounding new urban area will channel runoff through swales to the wetland system to further maximise the water quality of Dragon Lake.


Zhengzhou East New District Committee


Concept master planning design


Zhengzhou, China


ASPECT Studios, Tongi Landscapae Art and Design Institute, Huge Shanghai