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Action Stations Branding & Signage Strategy

Action Stations is an experiential pavilion at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour designed by FJMT Architects. Comprising interactive museum exhibits and an immersive cinema, the pavilion offers visitors a new understanding of both the history of the vessels and also life at sea.

ASPECT Studios was engaged by the museum to create a brand and identity system and a wayfinding system for Action Stations that was applied to the pavilion and its contents. An engaging logotype was developed with a secondary brand system inspired by the heritage of the three vessels based at the museum - the HMAS Vampire, HMAS Onslow and HMAS Advance. The design gave each vessel an individuality that reflected the differences in the boat name, times of service and inherent characters. This brand framework established the pavilion as the “home base” for three important historic vessels from Australia’s naval fleet.
  • CLIENT Australian National Maritime Museum
  • LOCATION Sydney, Australia
  • YEAR 2015
The branding, colour system, and design elements were inspired by the many layers of signage, markings and information systems found on the vessels themselves. The branding and visual identity are now also used extensively within the museum’s merchandising collection.

The museum’s brief was to provide visitors with a unique and novel museum experience. This was achieved with a design system that made use of a rich visual palette that included historical photographs, interpretive elements, illustrations, extracts from books and diaries, and supergraphic displays communicating compelling stories and images of life and conflicts on the high seas.
  • TEAM ASPECT Studios
  • AWARDS 2016 MAPDA Awards, Program Website Winner