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South Eveleigh

This vibrant suite of public spaces was once an isolated business park. ASPECT Studios led the transformation of South Eveleigh with environmental, social, and economic sustainability in mind, and the result is a generous precinct that bustles with activity throughout the day.
  • CLIENT Mirvac
  • LOCATION Eveleigh, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • YEAR 2014 - 2021
South Eveleigh Brett Boardman web 2
A strong focus on community integration and reconnecting the precinct to the surrounding neighbourhoods was a core principle for the project. The development includes upgraded streets, revitalised park spaces, a new play space, a series of community plazas, upgraded multipurpose courts, a new skate plaza and fitness area. As such, South Eveleigh offers a variety of reasons to come and linger, whether through sports, meeting with friends for lunch or dinner, working in the outdoor sun, or popping into the supermarket after work.
Core to the design was the creation of a high street on Locomotive Street, activated on the southern side by foyer entries and hole-in-the-wall food and beverage outlets. To the north of the street the Locomotive workshops have been reworked into a mecca for foodies – with a series of restaurants and a supermarket supported by a generous external dining space that bringing life and a buzz to the street that lasts well beyond usual business hours.
The design of the skate plaza, multipurpose courts and exercise equipment have been carefully developed to cater for all users while also addressing the particular need of local teenagers for flexible active open space and ‘turn up and play’ recreation activities – something in short supply locally.
The precinct encourages repeat visitation, and flexibility has been woven into the fabric of the design so that it can be adjusted to meet changing demand over time. The long-term thinking embodied by ASPECT’s design has ensured that South Eveleigh will continue to be viable and valued into the future.
  • TEAM ASPECT Studios, Yerrabingin, FJMT, Sissons, AT&L, ARUP, Convic, Trigger, Curio Projects, Futurecity & Right Angle Studio, Nell with Cave Urban, Chris Fox, Jiwah
  • AWARDS 2023 AILA National Awards - Landscape Architecture Awards for Urban Design
    2023 AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards: Urban Design - Award of Excellence
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Brett Boardman, Luna Tran (ASPECT Studios)