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Causurina Park team site visit

Date: 7月 10, 2024
Category: Studio News
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Last week our Brisbane Studio held a training session at the recently completed Causurina Park. Landscape Designer Shannon Minniss and Studio Director Katherine English led an insightful learning session, exploring the project's details and reviewing how community engagement and design development is realised on the ground.

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A key feature of the design is its thoughtful retention of existing vegetation. Despite opening only a few months ago, the park possesses ample shade - a demonstration of the value of allowing the existing environment to drive the design outcome.

This kind of hands-on learning is key to working at the Brisbane Studio, which is currently looking for a Graduate Landscape Architect. Learn more about the role here: https://www.aspect-studios.com...

Thanks to our project collaborators: Fiteni, BLC Landscapes, and Fleetwood Urban
Photography: Yan Chen and Kai Wood-Willems

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