Loftus Lane at Quay Quarter Sydney

ASPECT insights
Loftus Lane at Quay Quarter Sydney

Loftus Lane has been returned to the people after many years operating as a service laneway seen by nobody but delivery drivers and the odd taxi. We are so thrilled to have been a part of the team for AMPC delivering this visionary project for Sydney – a place to meander, explore, discover and enjoy.

The laneway has been transformed into an inclusive and connective public space for the whole community to call their own – one that provides many opportunities to wander amongst the greenery, appreciate the surrounding artwork and heritage buildings, and uncover something new.

Making a space inviting and beautiful often comes down to the details. Loftus Lane is a stunning example of how details can play a huge part in creating a place where people want to be.

By prioritising the amenity and tactility of seating, the placement of greenery, and the nestling of these pockets against the heritage facades,  we achieved a sense of intimacy in the heart of the city.

The meeting of the old and the new in the architecture creates the backdrop for the planting and furniture elements, working together to create surprising moments in the busy CBD.

We want to say thank you to our amazing client, AMP Capital and all of our collaborators Silvester Fuller, Studio Bright, Carter Williamson Architects, Lippmann Partnership, SJB Urban, and Richard Crookes Construction for their commitment to bringing our vision of creating a warm, textural, inviting and contextual laneway to life.

Photography by Rory Gardiner