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The Roof, Shanghai Official Opening

Date: May 03, 2021
Category: Completed projects
We were delighted to attend the official opening of The Roof in Shanghai. Defined by its living façades and unique bold identity, The Roof represents a new era of contemporary urban development and biophilic experience within its authentic cultural context.

Reflecting characteristics of the traditional backstreets of Shanghai, this new retail and commercial office environment embraces the aspects of its surrounding spaces, laneways, scales and cultures through its vibrant material selection, colour palette, and biophilic elements.

Using the latest evidence-based design approach and climatic modelling techniques to determine the species and seasonal clusters for each façade orientation, height and individual pots; the design enhances biodiversity, optimizing the prospect and benefits for co-existing with nature on multiple levels.

ASPECT INSIGHTS The Roof Opening 05

The living façades and potted plant arrangements create a unique visual display combined with an environment that encourages nature, insects, and pollinators to thrive, and an abundance of greenery and people connecting to it from outside and inside each room, encouraging meaningful balanced landscape in cities.

Thank you to our client, CIFI Group and collaborators: Architecture: Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Local Architecture Engineer: Tianhua Group, Local Landscape Engineer: Triones Landscape Eng Co, Pot Fabricator: Ulcont Ltd.

ASPECT INSIGHTS The Roof Opening 03