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Acton Waterfront Park project to be led by ASPECT Studios

Date: Jul 20, 2022
Category: New projects
ASPECT Studios Acton Waterfront Sketch 2500x1667
We are thrilled to announce that the City Renewal Authority (CRA) has selected the ASPECT Studios led team to design the Acton waterfront Park on the banks of Canberra‘s Lake Burley Griffin.

The project is a once in a generation opportunity which has been 20 years in the making. The brief is to design a unique urban waterfront which celebrates contemporary Canberra and is underpinned by Country centred design focusing on Ngunnawal knowledge and culture.

A place designed for people, Canberra’s Acton Waterfront urban renewal plan aims to create new open spaces, redefine connections, and enhance access to the waterfront, celebrating the area’s rich history and national significance.

ASPECT Studios Acton Waterfront 1 2500x1667

Our team consists of ASPECT Studios, Yerrabingin Pty Ltd, Bridge42, Stewart Architecture, Spiire, ACOR Consultants Pty Ltd, Eric Martin & Associates Architects, Cundall, SCT Consulting, Veris, Phillip Chun, Purdon Planning, WSP, Formswell Design, MSH Structural Engineering, Douglas Partners, Park Management Systems, Visabel, SDC Engineering Pty Ltd, MBM, B.M.S Forestry.

ASPECT Studios Acton Waterfront 2 2500x1667