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UTAS Cradle Coast Campus - 28 years to positive

Date: Apr 14, 2024
Category: Studio news
UTS Cradle Coast Adam Gibson Web

ASPECT Studios have been acknowledged as a significant contributor to the 2023 Climate Positive Design Annual Report, Beyond Neutral. Climate Positive Design is a design and advocacy organisation apart of the research initiative supported by the Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership.

The University of Tasmania Cradle Coast Campus project which ASPECT Studios undertook the landscape and green roof design for, used the Climate Positive Design Pathfinder Tool as a way to measure and improve the carbon impacts of the project. Use of the tool involved inputting material and plant quantities along with maintenance plans to calculate the time it would take for the project to offset its emissions, giving a “climate positive” score. The Cradle Coast Campus project scored a respectable 28 years to carbon positive for the landscape elements within the project


As built environment professionals, we recognise our shared responsibility in reducing emissions. By embracing nature-based solutions, we actively contribute to the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

ASPECT is committed to advancing research and initiatives that promote sustainable design practices and enhance the built environment.

You can read the report here.

Thanks to our collaborators: Wardle and Fytogreen Australia Pty Ltd
Photographer: Adam Gibson and Anjie Blair
Traditional Owners: Palawa people

Climate Positive Design report