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Victorian Premier Design Awards

Date: Mar 19, 2024
Category: Awards
ASPECT Studios News RBG Vic2

The Victorian Premier’s Design Awards highlight and celebrate local design capability and the contribution that design makes to our community.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria: Wayfinding Design has won Best in Category for Communication Design; congratulations to everyone involved in the project including Studio Binocular, Greenaway Architects, and Deakin University.

With a First Peoples-led approach, the wayfinding system is an experience on its own. It not only supports a positive user experience, guiding visitors through the gardens, but also tells the story of the gardens' past and present, engaging with its layered history and local language to create a unique experience for new and returning visitors.

It is great to see a project demonstrating the value of a collaborative approach be recognised for design excellence.

Read more about the project here

Images courtesy of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Ben King.

ASPECT Studios News RBG Vic