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ASPECT Studios and Aecom Shanghai Walking Tour

Date: Nov 07, 2022
Category: Events and exhibitions
As part of the 9th Shanghai Landscape Forum, ASPECT Studios and AECOM led a walking tour at 2 key completed projects in Shanghai: The Roof, which was a collaboration between ASPECT and Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and the Xintiandi Nanly Shopping Centre by Aecom.

The Roof is a commercial complex project created by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, in collaboration with ASPECT Studios, BPI, Tianhua Architecture Planning & Engineering Limited and other local design institutes. On the day of the visit, Sam Xu, Associate of ASPECT, and Derek Chen, the project leader, walked a team of designers from Aecom, SWA Group, Hassell, Sasaki and other SLF members though the site for an overall introduction and presentation of the design processes of the project. We introduced the project's design inspiration, design evidence, plant strategy, pavement strategy, mock-up, plant pre cultivation, project construction and other specific contents through on-site explanation, and answered various professional questions raised by the guests.

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The spirit of the project is defined by its vivid architecture and unique living façades, sky decks, and sky gardens, with plants everywhere, at all heights and depths. Flowers, shrubs, trees, and draping flora form an extraordinary visual and spatial display. The whole place resonates with the feeling of nature and fresh air, adding a special charm to the city and neighbourhood.

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Aecom took guests through their Xintiandi Nanli Shopping Centre renovation, located at the core of the Xintiandi business district. The combination of the old Shanghai charm of the Shikumen buildings and the exquisite green space brings the romance of these areas back to life. Aecom worked to optimise the urban space and enhance the city image with the overall renewal of the space, drawing it away from an outdated business format and recreating the Centre for a new generation.

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