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Pomegranate Place

This public plaza in Hefei was designed to provide locals with a dynamic antidote to the stresses of life in a high-density urban environment.

The overarching design of the space reflects elements of the local community and culture, with the flower of the city – the pomegranate – acting as a key reference point for the form, colour and composition of the park.
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  • CLIENT Vanke Group
  • TEAM ASPECT Studios, Shanghai TIANHUA Architecture Planning & Engineering Ltd., Shenzhen Pudao Landscape CO.,LTD
  • LOCATION Hefei, Anhui Province, China
  • YEAR 2018
The children’s play space offers an exciting and stimulating play and learning experience. Mountain-shaped play mounds hewn from layered materials imitate the gradual changes and layers of the rock strata. Opportunities for children to come together and build essential social and physical skills are created in free and fixed play areas.
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  • AWARDS 2018 Yuan Ye Awards-Honor Awards - Real Estate Award, Landscape Architecture Award
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Arch-exist