2019 AIA City of Adelaide Prize

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2019 AIA City of Adelaide Prize

ASPECT Studios has received commendation for the City of Adelaide for our design of Pelzer Park/Pityarilla (Park 19) Activity Hub in collaboration with the City of Adelaide and the Office for Design and Architecture South Australia.

The City of Adelaide Prize, established by the City of Adelaide in 1997, recognises innovation and design excellence that enhances the city’s public spaces. Seven entries were received this year, with winners announced at the annual South Australian Architecture Awards dinner which took place over the past weekend.

“All the projects nominated were of an exceptional standard and add to the city experience. They demonstrate what can be achieved when we create opportunities in city spaces for designers and entrepreneurs to experiment” says City of Adelaide Councillor, Arman Abrahimzadeh.

The jury involved described Pelzer Park/ Pityarilla (Park 19) as an “exemplary community destination in the southern Park Lands providing a unique variety of recreation and play opportunities that encourage exploration, social interaction, imagination and fun. The Hub fosters a sense of connectivity to the city with pedestrian and cycle links and access to public transport, enabling a wide range of visitors to use the Park. The Hub reflects the spirit of the Adelaide Prize, by integrating the Park’s heritage and culture to create a vibrant and inspiring multi-use destination in the Park Lands for all to enjoy”.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said she was pleased to see such a range of innovative projects that showcase the talent in Adelaide’s architecture and design community.

“The nominated projects all bring great design to the City of Adelaide and enhance city and Park Lands spaces to encourage community use,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Well done to all award recipients and congratulations to everyone involved in each of the projects considered for the awards. All of the submissions were outstanding – adding to the high level of design in our city and creating welcoming and unique spaces for residents and visitors alike.”

Congratulations to the City of Adelaide, ODASA and the entire collaborative team for their shared vision of Pelzer Park/Pityarilla (Park 19) Activity Hub which allowed the team to deliver world-leading design excellence and quality for this project. As well as a huge congratulations and thank you to our people – their belief in the value of design thinking and the benefits it brings to our cities via each and every one of our projects, stems from their ongoing commitment to delivering sustainable and joyous relationships between the human and natural environments.

The full article was published on 01/07/19 by Matt Halliwel on the City of Adelaide website: 'Winner of the 2019 City of Adelaide Prize Announced'

Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19) Activity Hub

Pelzer Park, Pityarilla (Park 19), located in the southern Park Lands of Adelaide, is home to the popular Marshmallow Playground (named after the Holly Hock plant not the confectionery), and is at the junction of the Park Lands Trail and the increasingly utilised & important Frome and Porter Street Bikeways.

In parallel with creek rehabilitation works, ASPECT Studios led a team to develop a concept master plan and detailed documentation.

The rejuvenation works include an upgraded nature playspace, new promenade and plaza space fitting for markets & events, ablution block, upgraded active recreation courts, a dog park, and enhanced ‘formal’ park amenities.

The enhancements also provide for a ‘cultural stage’, and ‘wild play’ roaming areas. The design is a result of community, school and Kaurna group consultations, and weaves a narrative inspired equally by nature’s ecological systems and traditional Kaurna knowledge.

The Park has a focus on learning through play, celebrating diversity and interaction with others.