We are Carbon Neutral

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We are Carbon Neutral

ASPECT Studios are incredibly proud to be involved in Carbon Neutral's 'Plant-A-Tree' Carbon Offsets program.

The program allows us to minimise our impact on the environment by working with Carbon Neutral to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions via the planting of trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiverse Corridor.

Carbon Neutral recognises the Traditional Owners in the Mid West of Western Australia. Participation by them and their descendants in the project as key stakeholders is central to the sustainable development goals of the Gold Standard Foundation. Over the past few years, Carbon Neutral employed 27 indigenous people on the plantings in full, part-time or casual positions. These new jobs include seed collection, vermin control, tree planting and integrated agricultural activities including sheep, bee keeping and irrigation.

Aboriginal inclusion and participation also extends to cultural heritage surveys of land pre-planting. It is also intended that traditional ecological knowledge be tapped into for future ecological restoration planning.